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Mission Off the Couch!

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Simply put, Beached Magazine hopes to inspire all people to retire that couch, turn in the remote and experience all that life has to offer!  Whether that's a safe night out snuggling up in a tent in your own back yard, to climbing a 14'er, or SCUBA diving with sharks!  No matter what your speed, MAKE the time to discover what "moves" you!

Browse images of amazing shark sculptures by Victor Dueieb; underwater photos from SCUBA diving enthusiasts, and paintings from various artists and hobbiests.

No celebrities, no professional athletes, just ordinary people exploring and adventuring until their heart is content.  From spearfishing in the Maldives, SCUBA diving in Belize, hiking the Stairway to Heaven in Oahu, Hawaii, Sailing across the Atlantic, and living aboard, to a trip to the Amazon.

Ever try Mountain Boarding, SCUBA Diving, Kite Surfing, or Paddle Boarding?  Visit this section to help you decide your next adventure, or just be introduced to a new one!  Dive centers, resorts, events and adventure outfitter information are also included.