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Written down with a date becomes...


A goal broken down into steps becomes... A PLAN

A plan backed by action...


MISSION:  Off the Couch!

A letter from the Editor

Beached Magazine was created by me, Polly Emmons, a land-locked water lover that believes life is one GIANT adventure.  My greatest and most euphoric experience and spiritual adventure is found under the sea, SCUBA diving.   It is one SCUBA diving experience inparticular that inspired me to create this magazine; hoping to inspire others to seek out the one awesome experience that will change their lives forever.  That one place in time when everything in your life is in balance, making you feel for that moment you are where you were always meant to be, truly at peace with yourself and the World around you.  Although, I do not have a life style that supports my dream of diving every day, for the rest of my life on Earth; I've sought out and created my own adventures right here in the State of Colorado.  Activities and adventures like:  riding a dirtbike, a day hike in Estes Park, inner-city paddle boarding, finally taking drum lessons or learning how to paint, fishing, to jumping out of an airplane.   I'm hopeful some of my in-between diving experiences will provide me with a glimmer of what I feel like when I'm under the sea.

Too often we fall into a rutt, a 9-5 work and no play routine, a "security bubble" that makes it feel nearly impossible to go on vacation or time out to try new things. Expand your horizons, stop telling yourself you can't, because you can! Not all adventures cost us a month's worth of pay or require special equipment. Many adventures can be found in your own back yard. It's as easy as popping a tent and telling the family, "Kids, we're sleeping outside tonight." Sure, your family may look at you funny, but once you start using that grill for "roasting the mellow" they'll be begging you to do it again, and again. Who cares what the neighbors think...more than likely they're in that "rutt" too. You could even take sleeping blankets and spend the night on the kids trampoline under the stars and skip the tent! Beached Magazine was created to inspire those of us that live life in the "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda" world to get out and DO! The all talk, no action world because it's easier, and or you're just a habitual procrastinator. It only takes ONE adventure to change your life. That one adventure that makes you truly realize what you've been missing and what you're truly capable of.

Your life is what you make of it; rediscover yourself and find your passion in life.  Get off the couch and create the adventure stories that will make your grand-children wide eyed and smile from ear to ear.  I choose not to live my life afraid of trying new things (as long as their healthy and legal of course).  It's normally the fear of the unkown that stops us in our tracks, or the stories of people getting hurt.  In most cases injuries during adventures are due to people attempting things without proper training and/or equipment, and supervision.  It could be that one adventure/activity you have been afraid of trying that changes your entire outlook on life and how you live it.

An Example of How Experiencing and Overcoming My Biggest Fear Changed My Life

All my life I was afraid of riding a roller coaster that went upside down until I made the decision to face my lifetime fear of skydiving.  I mean the "No way could I EVER!", fear of skydiving.  I accepted the risk on the hour long drive to jump out of a perfectly good airplane; not to mention my fear of flying in a small plane held together here and there by paper clips...Just my luck!   Long story short:  Upon arrival and after 30 minutes of instruction, I geared up, boarded the ancient and tiny airplane, ascended into the clouds and waited for the signal to jump.   We jumped and all I remember was the feeling of being ultimately free (regardless of the fact we were falling at 175 + mph), the parashute opened (thankfully), and I began repeating over and over, "Birds are so lucky."  "Simply, Heavenly." and "Everyone who is anyone should do this at least once in their lives!"  The  point of this story is:  Once I faced my biggest fear with a "grain of salt", everything else in my life I was ever afraid of attempting, was now minimal and insignificant.  I also now love roller coasters.

It's easier to just watch and hear about others experience life while we sit on the couch flipping through the channels, or is it?  There was a time when we were kids, full of curiosities that it was difficult to sit still.  Now, we tend to let daily life stresses interrupt our "play time".  We can all help ourselves become happier and healthier by getting off the couch and being a kid again; even if it's just for a few hours.  A few hours will turn into a day, then a day into an entire weekend.  There's a saying that I live by "The day we stop playing, is the day we begin to die".  Before you know it kids are grown, old age and health issues set in, and all the things you ever wanted to do in that "bucket list" are being washed down the drain.  None of us would need a "bucket list" if we just stop talking, and take action.  Never let "later" turn into "never".

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