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Featured Artist:  Victor Douieb

Captivated by their power, grace and beauty, Parisian native Victor Douieb began sculpting sharks as a means of expressing his appreciation of this perfectly evolved creature’s pure simplicity, but also to help bring attention to the impact posed to shark populations worldwide by overfishing and by the shark fin industry’s needless slaughter of these important predators.


Originally a dental ceramist by trade, Victor sculpted his first piece while at work one afternoon. He explains, “I suddenly got the urge to sculpt a little shark out of silver, not realizing that 20 years later, sculpting would become my profession.”


Whether diving with sharks or on a African wildlife safari, Victor immerses himself with the subject prior to beginning a new piece by getting as close as possible to the animal and photographing it.


His works originate in clay and are then cast in bronze with beautiful and exotic patinas or in gleaming stainless steel.  Victor is an ardent supporter of numerous conservation organizations donating a percentage of proceeds from the sale of his artwork.    View his work at

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